Funny story about my sick cat Thorn

So i had not seen our cat Thorn all day, note that she is sickly and has a growth on her leg that is very bad. We think she may be close to passing but shes a fighter and likes to rebel all the time so were pretty sure shes gonna live awhile longer. But every time i can’t find her i go into a panic since the other cat Thorn’s mother who died two years ago [she had cancer and we wanted to let her pass at home where she loved to be] she died and since we had not seen her the whole day we looked for her i found her she had passed and it was horrible for me especially because she was my cat and we were buddies she loved me a lot i loved her. So every time i have to search for Thorn i go into panic mode thinking im going to find her dead.

But i finally found her she found a new damn hiding place as soon as i petted her i invoked her wrath and she started to chase me down to pet her move xDDDD

Mikuru found a new hiding/play spot

Watching stuff online and Mikuru is chillen next to me xD she’s so cute

Plans for the rest if the day

Get something to eat
Set up ps2 in bedroom.
Play persona 4


everyone stop what you are doing and watch this vine rIGHT NOW

Please please everyone watch this